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About Us
There are some venues that add value to their location, the street, the corner where they are; that dominate their environment, attract people, and with time being there, breathing its atmosphere, being included in and being part of that milieu becomes almost more important than eating, drinking and satisfying one´s appetite.

In fact, Elif Hanım´s masterful hands, her delicious appetizers and dishes, as well as the new flavors she introduces to the most familiar menus with her original creativity do not allow one to consider Küçük Meyhane just as place to satisfy one´s appetite. She is beyond just a chef in the kitchen. She is almost like a mother who is responsible of feeding her friends, her kith and kin and keep her guests happy at all times.

The guests of Küçük Meyhane enjoy a hard to find hospitality and treatment thanks to Niyaz Hanım’s innate elegance, refined and sophisticated stance, together with her unlimited understanding and tolerance. Dinners seem to never end, diners seem to never leave, guests seem to never go home...maybe because at Küçük Meyhane they find the serenity and comfort they do not find even at home.

Meyhanes are not like conventional diners or restaurants. In Meyhanes the ancient cultures of ancient cities, true life experiences, accumulated knowledge are distilled through the retort of humane relations. They are places where friendships and love affairs that have passed the tests of folkways, customs, manners, knowledge and alcohol are experienced; as a matter of fact they are places where these experiences turn into songs, sometimes into laughter and at times to blues, where people can laugh as they cry or cry as they laugh.

In other words, keeping a meyhane is a tough job. Everything is tough, the concept, the dishes, the honoring, the keeping of accounts.

We own thanks to Elif Hanım and Niyaz Hanım of Küçük Meyhane for doing all these difficult things as if they were very easy and for looking after us so well.

Can Eren
An habitué of KüçükMeyhane
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Hüseyin Ağa Mah. Nevizade Sok. No: 5
Beyoğlu / İstanbul
0 (212) 293 22 38
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  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
  • Şahika Küçük Meyhane
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